Vol. 107 • September 1980 • No. 16

Correspondence 482
Editorials 483
Name your socialism 484
Steinfels, Peter
City Lights 486
McCarthy, Abigail
Saving the generals 487
Getlein, Frank
Industrial Democracy, Ltd. 489
Senser, Robert A.
Labor rediscovers its past 490
O'Donnell, L.A.
An immoral morality? 493
Kaufman, Philip S.
An open letter to Republican conservatives 497
Wolfe, Alan
The establishment alternative 500
Flying High: And at Bargain Rates 502
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
The Zero-Sum Society 504
Murtaugh, Daniel M.
The Catholic Thing/The Anatomy of the Catholic Church 505
Imbelli, Robert P.
California and Other States of Grace 507
Howard, Jane
Literature Against Itself 508
Hancher, Michael
Iron Cages 510
Drinnon, Richard

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