Vol. 106 • May 1979 • No. 9

Correspondence 258
Editorials 259
Safe against Brecht: 261
Getlein, Frank
SALT sellers: 262
Kovler, Peter
The state of American fiction: All in the family: 265
Yardley, Jonathan
Between the best-sellers and the groves: 266
Green, Martin
Personal relations and public themes: 267
Hunt, George W.
Fiction vs. anti-fiction revisited: 269
Groth, Janet
Television: 272
Tertian, Philip
Screen: 273
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Our man at the U.N.: 274
Hottelet, Richard C.
Sophie's Choice: 277
Ziff, Larzer
A Private Choice: 278
Hoyt, Robert G.
Albert Camus: 281
Fowlie, Wallace
Ground Fog and Night: 282
Phillips, Robert
Good as Gold: 284
Schroth, Raymond A.
A Year at the Catholic Worker/Confessions of a Catholic Worker: 285
True, Michael

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