Vol. 106 • February 1979 • No. 3

Correspondence 66
Editorials 67
Signs of 'The Times' 70
Wicker, Brian
Far away & long ago 71
McCarthy, Abigail
Welcome to the new class 73
Barry, James T.
Scenes 78
Darst, Stephen
Screen 81
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Television 82
Terzian, Philip
'Political idiot but a saint' 84
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Robert Kennedy and His Times 86
Shannon, William V.
Faith of Our Fathers 87
Bowden, Henry Warner
The Age of Atrocity 90
Schoen-wald, Richard L.
Max Perkins 92
Long, Robert Emmet
Fools Die 93
Druska, John
Is Christ the End of the Law? 94
McKenzie, John L.

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