Vol. 106 • August 1979 • No. 14

Correspondence 418
Editorials 419
Bakke to Weber to-? 420
Silver, Isidore
In Kennedy they trust 420
Kovier, Peter
The Basque Problem 422
Martin, Benjamin
The Forest & The Trees 423
Powers, Thomas
Draft No, Assassins Yes 425
Garvey, John
Limits of the Superpowers 427
Krickus, Richard J.
Liturgical Silence 430
Dobel, J. Patrick
McCarthyism West German-style 436
Mankoff, Milton
The Screen 438
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Lucky to be a Octobrist 439
Darst, Stephen
The Vicar of Christ 442
Deedy, John
The Last Half-Century 443
Horowitz, Irving Louis
Image and Pilgrimage in Christian Culture 445
Fichter, Joseph H.
Public Nuisances 446
Landers, Robert K.
Rivers of Darkness 447
Corwin, Phillip

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