Vol. 106 • July 1979 • No. 13

Correspondence 386
Editorials 387
The president we have: 389
McCarthy, Abigail
The American auto, R.I.P.: 390
Getlein, Frank
Pilgrim among symbols: 392
Kosciesza, Bogumil
Redefining death: 394
Jeffko, Walter G.
Dominican Republic, Inc.: 398
Mulligan, Joseph E.
The trial of Elaine Harrington: 400
Cottle, Thomas J.
Stage: 403
Weales, Gerdld.
Screen: 404
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Verse: 405
Oliver, Lewis Turco, Mary
The Streets Were Paved with Gold: 406
Harrington, Michael
The Battle for the American Church: 409
Hughes, John Jay
The Unsuspected Revolution: 410
Nicholson, Joe
The Malpractitioners/Pain and Profit: 411
Page, Joseph A.
A Time of Death: 412
Sanders, Ivan
In Brief: 415
Dick, Jack & Elshtqin, Jean Bethke & Riemer, Jack

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