Vol. 106 • June 1979 • No. 12

Correspondence 354
Editorials 355
Born-again coalition?: 356
Higgins, George G.
Vision of Shalom: 358
Dillon, David
The Unwanted: 360
Powers, Thomas
The Long Search: 362
Garvey, John
The Mexican Connection: 364
Kipling, Richard E.
The Odyssey of Michael Novak: 366
Walsh, Joseph
Screen: 369
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Dance: 371
McDonagh, Don
Psyching Patty: 372
Maloff, Saul
Deciding What's News: 375
Diamond, Edwin
The Center of Christianity: 377
Neuhaus, Richard John
Chamber Music: 379
Wymard, Eleanor B.
Families; Critical Theory of the Family: 381
McGovern, Thomas V.
Take a Bishop Like Me: 382
Shriver, Frederick
Domestic Affairs: 383
Steinfels, Peter

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