Vol. 9 • May 1976 • No. 8

The Continuing Crisis 2
Guest Editorial 4
Methvin, Eugene H.
Richard Strauss, A Classic of Our Time 5
Regnery, Henry
New York: Two Tales of a City 9
Grant, James
Robinson Jeffers, An Uncanny Prophet 11
Nolte, William H.
The Great American Saloon Series 15
Bakshian, Aram Jr.
Ken Russell's Adamania 17
Uba, Gerald R.
Thomas Szasz and the Age of Psychiatrism 18
Raico, Ralph
The Public Policy 20
Meyerson, Adam
The West Side Faith 23
Mandel, David J.
The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America since 1945 24
O'Lessker, Karl
The Morality of Consent 28
Weaver, Suzanne R.
The Nation's Pulse 31
Rusthoven, Peter J.
Uncommon Law 32
Auspitz, Josiah Lee
The Talkies 33
Asahina, Robert
The Bootblack Stand 34
Plunkitt, George Washington
Current Wisdom 36
Jackasses, Assorted
Saving the Queen 37
Mathews, Judy
Correspondence 38

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