Vol. 7 • January 1974 • No. 4

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial 3
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Business of America 4
Clark, Lindley H. Jr.
Reflections on the Disorder of Our Times 5
Hook, Sidney
Multinationals and the Limits of Power 7
Grant, James
Contributors 8
Israel's Fate 9
Gershman, Carl
Soviet Ambitions in the Mideast 10
Fennell, J. Tim
Prophets and Profits 11
Will, George
Nixon His Friends and His Enemies 13
Stein, Benjamin
Letter from a Whig 15
Slemp, C. Bascom
The Case for Negative Votes 16
Mott, Harold
Mark Twain: God's Fool 17
Tyrrell, Judy
The Intellectuals and the Powers 18
Hyneman, Charles S.
The Public Policy 20
Rusthoven, Peter
LQ. in the Meritocracy 21
Cooper, D.W.
The Fellow Travellers 22
Rosen, Stephen
Talkies 23
Stein, Benjamin
"A Last-Ditch Stand" 24
Crawford, Allen
Brudnoy's Film Index 26
Correspondence 28
The Bootblack Stand 29
Plunkitt, George Washington
Current Wisdom 30
Jackasses, Assorted

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