Vol. 5 • May 1972 • No. 8

Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial 3
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Let a Thousand Harvards Bloom 4
Kelley, John
Notes on Social Declension 5
Nelson, Jeffrey M.
Taiwan: America's Moral Dilemma 7
Brownfeld, Allan C.
Nixon and Mao 8
Brodin, Eric
Nixon and-or Mussolini 10
McCarter, George
Centrist Nixon, Centrist Nation 12
Coyne, John R. Jr.
Letter from a Whig 12
Will1, George F.
The Desultory State of Contemporary Music 13
Folsom, Bud
T.S. Eliot: A Memoir 14
McDonald, W. Wesley
This Great Game 16
Will, George F.
Agrarian Policies in Communist and Non-Communist Countries 17
Neimeyer, Gerhart
H.L. Mencken: Iconoclast from Baltimore 19
Adler, Betty
Bootblack Stand 21
Current Wisdom 22
Jackasses, Assorted

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