Vol. 5 • January 1972 • No. 4

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial 3
Tyrrell., R. Emmett Jr.
Letter From A Whig 4
Will, George F.
Who Shot Down The Game Plan 5
Brozen, Yale
Is It Hereditary? 8
The Nation's Pulse 10
Jay, Marshall
Another Modest Proposal 11
Quick, Johnathan
What Makes Scoop Jackson Run 12
Burton, P.S.
Natural Foods vs. The Synthetic A Priori 14
North, Gary
Agneiv The Unexamincd Mau 16
McDonald, W. Wesley
Legacy of a Superfluous Man 16
Allison, Wick
The Politics of Disorder 18
Will, George
The Hidden Life of Emily Dickinson 19
Bennett, James
Correspondence 20
The Bootblack Stand 21
Brayings from the Barnyard 22

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