Vol. 5 • October 1971 • No. 1

The Continuing Crisis 2
In the Shadow of Yesterday's Foolishness 3
Nathan, George
Flush Times Return for the Career Moralists 3
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Conservative Critique of the Welfare State 5
Will, George F.
The Nation's Pulse 9
Heywood, Alton
Letter from a Whig 10
Will, George F.
The Rt. Hon. Mike Gravel's Hour of Glory 11
Slemp, Bascom
The Public Penitent 12
Coyne, John R. Jr.
A Conservative Publisher m a Liberal World 14
Regnery, Henry
Dialogue of a Schizophrenic 15
Fulbright, J. William
A Modest Academic Proposal 16
North, Gary
The End of the Fillmore East 17
Lupinin, Nicholas
First Things, Last Things 18
Avey, John
The Bootback Stand 19
Why Can't They Be Like Us? 20
Davis, Jefferson
Correspondence 21
Brayings from the Barnyard 22

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