Vol. 4 • February 1971 • No. 4

Editorial I 2
Nathan, George
The Continuing Crisis 2
Radical Chic And The New Left 3
Krieger, Terry
The Decency of E.M. Forster 5
Owen, Kent
College Entrance Exam, 1975 Vintage 7
Kristol, Elizabeth
Reflections on Mr. Nixon 8
Moynihan, Daniel P.
Russell Kirk of Peity Hill 9
McDonald, W. Wesley
The Sad State of the Movies 11
Allison, Wick
Abraham Lincoln--the Relevance Lingers 12
Berns, Laurence
Great Moments in the Ninety-First Congress, Part I 14
Plunkitt, George Washington
The Political Wastrels 15
Moscow, John
The Jewish Mystique 17
Kogan, Michael
Conversations With Americans 18
McCollum, Michael
The Bootblack Stand: Letters to Plunkitt from Senator Stevenson and Charles Manson 19
Correspondence: from Nathan Pusey, Elizabeth Taylor, J. Scully, Anonymous and Eldon Campbell 19
Editorial II 20
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Brayings from the Left 23
Jackasses, Assorted

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