Vol. 4 • January 1971 • No. 3

Editorial I 2
Nathan, George
The Continuing Crisis 2
Student Protest in the French Way 3
Bernstein, Paul
Berkeley, New Left and Dogs 4
Coyne, John R. Jr.
An Unusual College 5
Pratt, Lawrence D.
Freshman's Guide to Academic Survival 5
North, Gary
Porny Vampires 7
Wills, Garry
The Christmas Gift that Was 7
Kristol, William
A Conversation at the University Centers for Rational Alternatives, Part II 8
No News Like Agnews 10
Kelley, John L.
Liberal v. Conservative 11
Avey, John
The Journey With Senator Jim Buckley 12
Steinberg, Arnie
Sex Torture-Boards and the Law 14
McCollum, Michael
The Kumquat Statement 14
Avey, John
Push Comes to Shove 15
Allison, Wick
The Politics of Unreason 17
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Help Our Republic 17
Gerde, Jerry
The Bootblack Stand: Letters to Plunkitt from Senators Young and McGovern 18
Letters: from Ed Williams, Bob Moffit, Andrew Hopkins, Hon. Henry B. Gonzolas, Nathan 19
Editorial II 20
Ronen, Dov
Brayings from the Left 23
Jackasses, Assorted

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