Vol. 38 • November 2005 • No. 9

Note Fron The Publisher 4
Regnery, Alfred S.
Correspondence 6
The Continuing Crisis 12
Tyrell, R. Emmett Jr.
This President and Us: Insularity from conservations is proving costly 14
Tyrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Education: The Next 50 Years 18
Friedman, Milton
The Bubbling Pot: America's political establishment is completely out of touch with public opinion on the subject of uncontrolled immigration. How long before our politics boil over? 22
Keene, David
Friends and Elites, Chickens and Coyotes: The border games along California's southern border have taken on an ugly leftist coloring 28
Custred, Glynn
The Seductionof Cognac: You don't just drink this stuff 34
May, Clifford D.
Economics: Chronic Pessimists 38
Wesbury, Brian S.
Politics: Allen for President! 42
Fund, John H.
Capitol Ideas: Politically Incorrect Science 44
Bethell, Tom
The Nation's Pulse: The Desolate City 48
Neumayr, George
Letter From Paris: Chirac's Fin de Régne 52
Harris, Joseph A.
High Spirits: Global Preachers 54
Aitken, Jonathan
College Avenue: When Evangelical Colleges Turn Liberal 56
Walker, Graham
Ben Stein's Diary: Among the Sane 60
Stein, Benjamin J.
A Six-Course Feast 64
Johnson, Paul
Patriots for Themselves 66
O'Sullivan, John
Willing Executioners 70
Rosen, James
Not Alone Anymore 74
Johnson, Daniel
Public Nuisances: Rediscovering Columbus Day/Google and the Guild 78
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Current Wisdom 80
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: Anniversary Hues 82
Pleszczynski, Wladyslaw

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