Vol. 37 • November 2004 • No. 9

NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Coalition of the Bribed 4
Regnery, Alfred S.
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The U.N. vs. Iraq. Kofi Annan treats Allawi's government worse than he treated Saddam's 14
Babbin, Jeb
China to Christians: You Have a Mind Problem 18
Aikman, David
Doctors Must Wash Hands. U.S. hospitals have become an infection zone 22
McCaughey, Betsy
You're Not in the Army Now. Should the Pentagon be in the business of outsourcing war? 26
Macomber, Shawn
ECONOMICS: A Technological Tsunami 32
Wesbury, Brian S.
THE EURABIA SPECTATOR: The River of No Return 36
Columns, Essays and
EMINENTOES: Hats Off to Larry 38
Olson, Theodore B.
POLITICS: Kill the Pollsters 40
Fund, John H.
HIGH SPIRITS: Let Us Pray 42
Aitken, Jonathan
LETTER FROM EUROPE: Old Europe, New President 44
Gedmin, Jeffrey
THE SPECTATOR TRAVELER: Where is Your Camel? 46
Dealey, Sam
BEN STEIN'S DIARY: Col. Dale Denman: My Hero Father-In-Law 48
Stein, Benjamin J.
THE TALKIES: Hoosier Heathen 52
Browman, James
Junkballs 55
Dylan, Bob
Legal Plunder 56
Greenhut, Steven
Gold's Fool 58
Gold, Victor
PUBLIC NUISANCES: Natural Born Killers/Ugly Jaws 62
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Jackasses, Assorted
LAST CALL: Lawn Boy 66
Lott, Jeremy

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