Vol. 37 • October 2004 • No. 8

Perp Walk: Whose Shame? There is nojustification for subjecting a suspect to a presumption of guilt. 10
Sentelle, David B.
Make Way for Election Month The FIoridafication of our political waters continues unabated 14
Fund, John H.
Dirty Moolah A rare Kerry fundraiser from Iran who advocates renewed U.S. trade ties with the Tehran regime could prove to be an embarrassment for the Democrats 18
Timmerman, Kenneth R.
Let Them Eat Pumpkin Spice Cookies Isn't Teresa Heinz Kerry Rich! 24
Hays, Charlotte
Maria Teresa My Kind of Woman 29
Corry, John
Swift and Cool Under Fire The men who exposed Lt. John F. Kerry are hanging tough 30
Macomber, Shawn
EMINENTOES: It's the War, Stupid 34
Babbln, Ied
ECONOMICS: The Ink-Stained Glass House 38
Wesbury, Brian S.
LETTER FROM JERUSALEM: Suicide Prevention 42
Neumayr, George
CAPITOL IDEAS: Our Self Inflicted Wounds 44
Bethell, Tom
LETTER FROM EUROPE: Ich Bin Ein Iranian 46
Gedmin, Jeffrey
BEN STEM'S DIARY: Off Golden Pond 48
Stein, Benjamin J.
MOVIE TAKES: Suffering Kerry 52
Bowman, James
Hendrik Horatio Hornblower 55
Hertzberg, Hendrik
Michael Moore's Underwriter 57
Unger, Craig
Diplomatic Hubris 58
Matlock, Jack F. Jr.
The Library 60
Babbin, Jed & Simon, William E. & Barr, Bob & Bozell, L. Brent III
PUBLIC NUISANCES: When They're 64/Judgment and Character 62
Tyrell, R. Emmett Jr.
CURRENT WISDOM: The Great Books Series 64
LAST CALL: Flowers Worthy of Praise 66
Malenic, Marina

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