Vol. 36 • August 2003 • No. 4

The Continuing Crisis 8
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Correspondence 10
The Better World of Sam Brownback 14
Horowitz, Michael
The Murky Murkowskis 15
Fund, John H.
Moral Idiocracy 16
Roans, Spencer
In Nino Veritas 20
Sager, R. H.
Blue Gray 22
Neumayr, George
Washington's Cross-Dresser 26
Bethell, Tom
Monty Python M&A 28
Kessler, Andy
Letter from Europe 29
Gedmin, Jeffrey
Lusser's Law 30
Collins, Reid
Live from Baghdad 32
Wolfowitz, Paul d.
Patriot Act Games 34
Barr, Bob
The Once and Future President 36
Davis, Mark w.
Take-a My Heart 41
Robinson, Peter
Info-War Invades Iraq 44
Wohlstetter, John C.
A Talk with Bob Metcalfe 50
The Doomslayer 53
Moore, Stephen
Sister Sontag 56
Valiunas, Algis
Ben Stein's Diary 62
Stein, Ben
The Talkies 66
Bowman, James
Son of Saul 68
Lott, Jeremy
Betrayers and Betrayed 69
Beston, Paul
Creed and Prejudice 71
Collins, Bob
Roll Over Sibelius 72
Karnick, S. T.
The Tao of the Shotgun 74
Babbin, Jed
Public Nuisances 78
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Current Wisdom 80
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call 82
Henry, Lawrence

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