Vol. 36 • June 2003 • No. 3

The Continuing Crisis 8
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Correspondence 10
Gerry-Rigged Democracy 14
Fund, John H.
Arigato, Alan-San 15
Wesbury, Brian S.
"It's the Bishops' Problem" 18
Bethell, Tom
"I'd Rather Be a Lamppost in Moscow" 20
Evanier, David
Getting It in U.S. Courts 22
Rabkin, Jeremy
The Nixon Generation 24
Whitaker, Albert Keith
"Conservatism and Catholicism" 27
Simboli, Brian
Suicide Bombing 101 28
Alexander, Edward
A Talk with Senator John Sununu 32
Lord Palmerston's Principle 34
Babbin3, Jed
A Post-Saddam Symposium 38
Ledeen & Kirkpatrick & Thatcher & Bartley & Rutledge & Rosett & Lindsey
The Last Liberal 45
Lott, Jeremy
Africa's Saddam 48
Isaac, Rael Jean
The Spy Who Shagged Us 52
II, William C. Triplett
Anarchy in Eros 56
Grossman, Jennifer
Moral Lessons of the Genome 59
Ridley, Matt
Ben Stein's Diary 66
Stein, Ben
The Talkies 70
Bowman, James
The Longest Battle 72
From the Orange Bowl to Washington 74
Beston, Paul
Hail to the Cheat 75
Natta, Don Van Jr.
More Tales of the Big and Tall 77
Baker, Hunter
Public Nuisances 78
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Current Wisdom 80
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call 82
Neumayr, George

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