Vol. 35 • January 2002 • No. 1

The Continuing Crisis 8
jr., r. emmett tyrrell
Crime Wave 15
Gilder, George
Start Me Up 16
y, brian s . wesbur
Follow the Money 18
rutledge, john
Shuffling the Antitrust Deck 21
delong, james v.
Coogler: Worst in the Business 22
Ships Be Sinking 23
goldberg, bernard
Instant Recall 25
gottlieb, scoff
Watching the Detectives 26
eisenach, jeffrey a.
Memory Lane 29
martin, peter
New Word Order 30
hannan, daniel
The Endless Ground Zero 32
Wolfe, Tom
Don't Cry for Us, Oklahoma 33
strausbaugh, john
Curve Balls 36
swanson, bret
Control & Creativity 42
lessig, lawrence
Miss February 50
Horror on the Hudson 52
Tucker, William
In the Crosshairs 65
welch, jack
Swimming the Streams 68
With Enough Shovels 78
Bethell, Tom
Ben Stein's Diary 84
Wizards of the Rings 88
baggins, harry
Leave Marching to the Marxists 93
tierney, john
Public Nuisances 96
jr., r. emmett tyrrell
Let's Make a Judgment! 98
kelly, michael

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