Vol. 32 • August 1999 • No. 8

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence: George W., Liddy, Commerce &c. 10
On the Prowl 12
Public Nuisances: Albert Inexcusable/This Is Just a Test 14
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas: The Prophet of Profits 18
Bethell, Tom
Al Gore's Hit Man 20
Fund, John H.
Al Gore's Loyalty Problem 22
York, Byron
Partners in Crime 24
Timmennan, Kenneth R.
Dispatches From the Kosovo Front 32
Carnegie, Marc
The Ongoing Dissent Over TWA 800 40
II, John B . Roberts
Culture Vultures: See How They Run 46
Steyn, Mark
Presswatch: Signing Off 48
Corry, John
Constitutional Opinions: A New World Order 50
Rabkin, Jeremy
Ben Stein's Diary: West Point Recognition 52
Stein, Benjamin J.
The Nation's Pulse: Pay Equity Iniquity 56
Gahr, Evan
The Public Policy: They Couldn't SWAT a Fly 58
Bovard, James
Spectator's Journal: The D.J. of Seoul 60
Schwartz, Stephen
Politics: No Taxation via Litigation 62
Norquist, Grover G.
The Talkies: Reality Bites 64
Bowman, James
Gore 66
Zelnick, Bob
Alexander Hamilton 68
Brookhiser, Richard
Current Wisdom 76
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: It Takes a Stadium, as told to Matthew Stevenson 78

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