Vol. 30 • September 1997 • No. 9

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence: Jim Hall's TWA 800, Cavilliana & c. 10
On the Prowl 14
Editorials: Feeling the Pressure / My Kind of Capitalist 16
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas: Two Jeers for Democracy 20
Bethell, Tom
Insanity or Vanity? The Case Against Lawrence Wlash 24
Brock, David
The Clintons' Brewing Micro-Scandal 30
York, Byron
My Empire 38
McGurn, William
Culture Vultures: Boy Martian 44
Steyn, Mark
Constitutional Opinions: Supreme Religious Revival 48
Rabkin, Jeremy
Ben Stein's Diary: it's Only my Money 50
Stein, Benjamin J.
Spectator's Journal: A New Lasater Connection 56
Adams, Jams Ring
The Nation's Pulse: Hang Down Your Head 58
Chapman, Stepehen
Politics: A Renegotiated Contract 60
Norquist, Grover G.
Letter From London: Tony's Rockin' Guitar 62
Carnegie, Marc
The Talkies: Loonie Tunes 64
Bowman, James
The Colonel 66
Smith, Richard Norton
News of a Kidnapping 68
Márquez, Gabriel García
Full Circle 70
Sikorski, Radek
The Excuse Factory 72
Olson, Walter K.
Just As I Am 75
Graham, Billy
Current Wisdom 84
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: Diplomatic Immunity 86
Stevenson, Matthew

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