Vol. 30 • March 1997 • No. 3

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence: First Things, Gary Aldrich &c. 10
On the Prowl 14
Editorials: Kim Jong Clinton / Hats Off to Jerry 16
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas: Memorials are Made of This 20
Bethell, Tom
The Alexis Nexus 22
York, Byron
All Roads Lead to China 30
Timmerman, Kenneth R.
The Final Crash of Larry Case 40
RingAdams, James
Culture Vultures: Paint It Black 44
Steyn, Mark
The Nation's Pulse: Soccer Dads & Single Moms 47
Tucker, William
Presswatch: Unchained Melodies 48
Cony, John
The Smoke-Filled Room: Pictures at an Inquisition 50
Hume, Sandy
Politics: Lessons From the Inquisition 52
Norquist, Grover G.
Ben Stein's Diary: It's Raining in My Heart 54
Stein, Benjamin J.
Constitutional Opinions: 1 Deactivate the Courts 60
Eastland, Terry
Constitutional Opinions: 2 No Quick Fixes 62
Rabkin, Jeremy
The Wyoming Spectator: Chinook Winter 64
Croke, Bill
The Talkies: Ken and Kolya 66
Bowman, James
Ashes of Glory 68
Furgurson, Ernest B.
Libertarianism: A Primer / The Libertarian Reader 70
Boaz, David
Pearl S. Buck 72
Conn, Peter
The Controversy of Zion / Jewish Power 75
Wheatcroft, Geoffrey & Goldberg, J.J.
The Collapse of Barings 78
Fay, Stephen
Current Wisdom 84
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: Wole Soyinka Land 86
Corry, John

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