Vol. 29 • September 1996 • No. 9

The Continuing Crisis 6
Correspondence 8
On the Prowl 12
Editorial: An Official Washington Pair / Red Starr Rising 14
Tyrrell, R. Emmett
Capitol Ideas: A New Beginning 16
Bethell, Tom
Poupon Powell 20
Corry, John
Fema Money! Come & Get It! 24
Bovard, James
Asylum in Vermont: A Memoir 32
Croke, Bill
Bill's Bad Lie 38
York, Byron
Culture Vultures: Wedding Bell Blues 48
Steyn, Mark
Spectator's Journal: Shah Arabia 50
Aikman, David
Presswatch: Klein Without Spine 52
Corry, John
The Public Policy: Stuck in the Middle 54
Rabkin, Jeremy
Ben Stein's Diary: On Colloidal Course 56
Stein, Benjamin J.
Constitutional Opinions: The Yellow Pose of Texas 60
Eastland, Terry
The Nation's Pulse: Tap Dancing With Wolves 62
Adams, James Ring
Russia Watch: Not Yet the Worst 64
Bernstein, Jonas
The Tijuana Spectator: Up and Coming 66
Rocca, Francis X.
The Talkies: Let Me Entertain You 68
Bowman, James
Boy Clinton 70
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Dumbing Down Our Kids / Break These Chains 73
McGroarty, Daniel & Sykes, Charles J.
Growing Up Republican: Christie Whitman 75
Beard, Patricia
Searching for the Promised Land 80
Franks, Gary
Dirty Little Secrets 81
Sabato, Larry J. & Simpson, Glenn R.
Current Wisdom 92
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: Meow Mix 94
Pleszczynski, Wladyslaw

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