Vol. 27 • February 1994 • No. 2

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence / Trooper Eruptions 12
Criminal Laws Implicated by the Clinton Scandals 16
Editorials / The Worst Book of the Year/David and the Goliaths 20
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / The Air-Conditioned Nightmare 24
Bethell, Tom
The MIA Cover-Up 26
Corry, John
Health Care Costs Are Going Down 36
Barnes, Fred
Clinton's Phony Drug War 40
York, Byron
The Unheavenly City Revisited 45
Sowell, Thomas
Beyond Whitewater 49
Adams, James Ring
A Clinton Christmas Reader (with apologies to the New York Times) 58
Eminentoes /Baghdad Gasbag 61
Price, David Andrew
The Nation's Pulse / Good Will 64
Ferguson, Tim W.
American Lives and Letters/Life With Lionel 66
Lynn, Kenneth S.
Ben Stein's Diary / Trixie 70
Stein, Benjamin J.
Constitutional Opinions / I. Waters 74
Eastland, Terry
Presswatch /Roman Scandals 76
Cony, John
Politics/Democrats Misfire on Guns 78
Norquist, Grover G.
Russia Watch (I) / Bardak Shadows 80
Bernstein, Jonas
Russia Watch (II) I Zhirinovsky Up Close 82
Young, Cathy
The Talkies / Lost and Profound 84
Bowman, James
My Times 86
Corry, John
A Democracy at War 88
O'Neill, William L.
The Culture of Disbelief 90
Carter, Stephen L.
The Downing Street Years 92
Thatcher, Margaret
Mark Rothko 94
Breslin, James E.B.
Assassination in Khartoum 96
Korn, David A.
American Zoom 97
Golenbock, Peter
Current Wisdom 104
Jackasses, Assorted
The Summit Spectator /Sherping 106
Brooks, David

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