Vol. 26 • April 1993 • No. 4

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence 10
Editorials / Clinton's Trickle-Down/Hillary Polluted 12
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Impolitic Pol 16
Bethell, Tom
Emily's List: Chicks With Checks 20
Hirschmann, Susan
New Players in the Middle East 24
Dorsey, James & Karny, Yoav
Comrade Slobo 28
Gedmin, Jeffrey
Clinton's America/Paper Cuts 34
Novak, Zelda
Rule by the Rich 36
Hume, Sandy
Politics/Congress's Feisty Frosh 38
Norquist, Grover G.
Ben Stein's Diary / Two Steps Forward 41
Stein, Benjamin J.
Spectator's Journal/ Churchill and the Thatcherites 45
Reid, Stuart
Among the Intellectualoids / Multicultural Instruction 47
Sowell, Thomas
Presswatch /Licked by Leaks 49
Eastland, Terry
Russian Presswatch / In the Name of Humanity 52
Young, Cathy
The Great American Saloon Series / The Sprucewood Inn 54
Shiflett, Dave
The Talkies/Dogs and Groundhogs 56
Bowman, James
China in Our Time 58
Terrill, Ross
Turning Point 60
Carter, Jimmy
Eco-Scam / Science Under Siege / Environmental Overkill / Sound and Fury 62
Bailey, Ronald & Guzzo, Dixy Lee Ray with Lou & Michaels, Patrick J. & Fumento, Michael
Louis Auchincloss 64
Gelderman, Carol
Making War 65
Lehman, John
Eros and the Jews 66
Biale, David
Current Wisdom 72
Jackasses, Assorted

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