Vol. 26 • November 1993 • No. 11

The Continuing Crisis 10
Correspondence 12
Editorials / Father Higgins, RIP / Senator High Horse 14
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas Immigration, Sí; Welfare, No 18
Bethell, Tom
Collective Guilt 20
O'Rourke, P. J.
The Secretary-Generalissimo 30
Gedmin, Jeffrey
Three Limericks 36
Riley, Tom
Superfund as Godzilla 38
Norman, Geoffrey
Clintonism in One State 44
Adams, James Ring
Presswatch / Fairness Most Foul 50
Cony, John
Spectator's Journal / To Syria, With Love 52
Lewis, Saul
The Washington Heights Spectator / Miracle on 204th Street 54
Conlon, Edward
The Nation's Pulse / The Framing of Pat Nolan 56
Kannon, John Von
Ben Stein's Diary / My Private Idaho 58
Stein, Benjamin J.
The Public Policy / Choice: A Burkean Dissent 62
Allen, Charlotte
Politics / Florio Fights Back 64
Norquist, Grover G.
Constitutional Opinions / Mainstream Radical 66
Eastland, Terry
The Talkies / The Fall of the Family 68
Bowman, James
Nathan Bedford Forrest 71
Hurst, Jack
The Immobile Empire 72
Peyrefitte, Alain
Coming Attractions 74
Stoller, Robert J. & Levine, L S.
Degenerate Moderns 76
Jones, E. Michael
Whoredom in Kimmage 80
Mahoney, Rosemary
The Real World Order 82
Singer, Max & Wildaysky, Aaron
Moscow Bulletin / Bolshie Ballet 83
Bernstein, Jonas
Current Wisdom 96
Jackasses, Assorted
The Palace Spectator / Oh, to Be in Graceland 98
Reid, Stuart

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