Vol. 24 • July 1991 • No. 7

The Continuing Crisis 6
Correspondence 7
Editorials/The Borking of Carol Iannone/Mouthwash Madness 8
Tyrrell, R Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Watering the Chips 9
Bethell, Tom
The Conservative Bully Boy 12
Frum, David
Desperado Democrats and the Sick Offense 15
Szamuely, George
The Most Considerate of Men 17
Corry, John
The French Correction 19
Allen, Charlotte
Eminentoes/What's in a Good Name ? 21
Platt, Adam
The Nation's Pulse/The Making of a Vice President 23
McNamara, Kevin J.
Ben Stein's Diary/The Wonder Years Recede 24
Stein, Benjamin J.
Spectator's Journal/Enduring India 26
Howard, Jennifer
Presswatch/Against Her Will 28
Eastland, Terry
Soviet Presswatch/The Gorby Club 30
Young, Cathy
The Talkies/Pardon Me, Myth 32
Bowman, James
President Reagan / Revolution 34
Cannon, Lou & Anderson, Martin
The Commanders 35
Woodward, Bob
De Gaulle 36
Lacouture, Jean
Benjamin 0. Davis, Jr., American 38
Davis, Benjamin 0. Jr.
Watch on the Right 39
Hoeveler, J. David Jr.
The Prize 40
Yergin, Daniel
The New York Spectator/Hell of a Town 41
Thcker, William
Current Wisdom 43
Jackasses, Assorted

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