Vol. 24 • March 1991 • No. 3

The Continuing Crisis 6
Correspondence/The Nader Letters 7
Editorials/The Worst Book of the Year/Fathead Bishops 8
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Stanford, Angela, and Me 9
Bethell, Tom
We Are Number One 12
Ledeen, Michael
The Most Overrated Book of the Year 14
Frum, David
Give Us This Day Our Daily News 15
Tucker, William
Germany Neither East Nor West 16
Szamuely, George
Down Under/A Few Right Moves 20
Cranston, Maurice
Eminentoes/We Liked Ike 22
Brookhiser, Richard
The Nation's Pulse/The Malibu Plan 24
Stein, Benjamin J.
Reflections/Maggie's Magic 25
Gingrich, Newt
Spectator's Journal/The Other Perestroika 26
Train, John
Presswatch/Preferring the Law 27
Eastland, Terry
Soviet Presswatch/Taking Care of Business 29
Young, Cathy
The Talkies/This Great Dane's a Dog 30
Bowman, James
The First Universal Nation 32
Wattenberg, Ben J.
The Colonel 34
Hodgson, Godfrey
The Iliad 35
Fagles, Robert
In the Time of the Tyrants 36
Koster, R. M. & Sanchez, Guillermo
The Hidden Nations/Soviet Disunion 38
Nahaylo, Bohdan & Karatnycky, Adrian & Diuk, Nadia & Swoboda, Victor
The Japan That Can Say No 39
Ishihara, Shintaro
Once in Love with Amy 40
The Rex Harrison Spectator/Bidding Goodbye 41
Mallon, Thomas
Current Wisdom 43
Jackasses, Assorted

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