Vol. 23 • January 1990 • No. 1

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence 9
Editorials/Let Us Give Thanks/Hill-Jack Bugaboos 10
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Communists Shoot People, Don't They'? 11
Bethell, Tom
Republicans Miscarry Abortion 14
Barnes, Fred
Noriega Into the Nineties 16
Caldwell, Christopher
Mozart Goes American 20
Valiunas, Algis
South Africa Between Apartheid and Democracy 24
Cranston, Maurice
European Document/No More Hungarian Comrades 28
Lilla, Mark
Eminentoes/Baby Doc 31
Queenan, Joe
Presswatch/Sealed With a Kiss 32
Eastland, Terry
The Public Policy/The Massachusetts Debacle 34
Mysak, Joe
The Talkies/Dopes on Dope 35
Bawer, Bruce
Modern Chile 19704989 37
Falcoff, Mark
Voices of Glasnost 38
Cohen, Stephen E & Heuvel, Katrina vanden
The Lone Star 41
Reston, James Jr.
Letters From a War Zone 42
Dworkin, Andrea
Crashing the Gates/Summer Light/Our Kind of People 44
Christopher, Robert C. & Yardley, Jonathan & Robinson, Roxana
Mazes 47
Kenner, Hugh
The Namibia Spectator/SWAPO Meet 48
Boyles, Denis
Current Wisdom 51
Jackasses, Assorted

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