Vol. 22 • May 1989 • No. 5

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence 9
Editorials/Worst Books of the Year/Ted and I Agree 10
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/The Colony of E1 Salvador 11
Bethell, Tom
Oratory in the Modern Senate 14
Heard, Alex
Adios General! 16
Morrison, Micah
The Incredible Shrinking AIDS Epidemic 21
Fumento, Michael
European Document/God Is a French Socialist 27
Lilla, Mark
Spectator's Journal/Endgame: Pressuring Gorbo 29
Ledeen, Michael
The Business of America/Corporatism Ousts Reaganomics 31
Stelzer, Irwin M.
Presswatch/Missing the Tower Story 34
Eastland, Terry
Among the Intellectualoids/A Time to Stand 36
Queenan, Joe
The Talkies/Tales From the City 37
Bawer, Bruce
Tolstoy 40
Wilson, A. N.
The Imperial Congress/The Fettered Presidency/Honest Graft 43
Rabkin, Jeremy A. & Jones, Gordon S. & Marini, John A. & Crovitz, Gordon & Jackson, Brooks
ProfScam 44
Sykes, Charles J.
The Lyre of Orpheus 46
Davies, Robertson
The West End Spectator/Upstaging Broadway 48
Marin, Rick
Current Wisdom 50
Jackasses, Assorted

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