Vol. 16 • February 1983 • No. 2

Capitol Ideas/Sound Minds 4
Bethell, Tom
Editorial/Free Shcharansky / Legends 5
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Continuing Crisis 7
Reflections on the State of Poland 8
Karpinski, Jakub
America's Federalist Heritage Rediscovered 11
Holland, Maurice J.
Boasting 14
Stein, Ben
With Our Forces in West Germany 16
Train, John
Among the Intellectualoids / A Refined Irving Howe 19
Beichman, Arnold
Eminentoes/Check-out Time 21
Brookhiser, Richard
Presswatch / Old Fools 22
Barnes, Fred
The Great American Saloon Series/Dionysian Denver 24
Ertel, George
Correspondence 26
Prejudices: A PhilosophicalDictionary 27
Nisbet, Robert
Crisis: The Last Year of the Carter Presidency/Reagan 28
Cannon, Lou & Jordan, Hamilton
Death Penalties: The Supreme Court's Obstacle Course 30
Berger, Raoul
Roughnecking It 32
Williamson, Chilton Jr.
New Individualist Review, Introduction 33
Friedman, Milton
Summer Crossing 35
Tesich, Steve
Spectator's Journal/Letter from Sicily 37
Martinez, Mary
Current Wisdom 38
Jackasses, Assorted

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