Vol. 15 • May 1982 • No. 5

The Continuing Crisis 2
Capitol Ideas/ A Cross of Gold 4
Bethell, Tom
Editorial / With the Senator from Newsweek / Afterthought 5
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Trivialization of Friedrich Nietzsche 7
Dannhauser, Werner J.
Allah and Man at Columbia 13
Ross, Mitchell S.
Media Smears: One Man's Experiences 17
Sowell, Thomas
The Nation's Pulse / Gildering the Lily 21
Haag, Ernest van den
Eminentoes/ Ayn Rand, R.I.P 24
Bakshian, Aram Jr.
Among the Intellectualoids / High Minds 26
Wooster, Martin Morse
Correspondence 29
Ethnic America: A History / Markets and Minorities / Pink and Brown People, and Other Controversial Essays 30
Sowell, Thomas
God's Fifth Column 32
Gerhardie, William
Growing Up Underground 34
Alpert, Jane
A Fistful of Fig Newtons 36
Shepherd, Jean
Social Studies 37
Lebowitz, Fran
Saki: A Life of Hector Hugh Munro 38
Langguth, A J.
Current Wisdom 42
ackasses, Assorted J

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