Vol. 15 • February 1982 • No. 2

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / The Worst Book of the Year 4
Tyrrell, R.Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / Solidarity No More 5
Bethell, Tom
Capitalism is for Givers 7
Gilder, George
Aix-en-Peking 13
Nollson, John
A Relic of the New Age: The National Education Association 14
Kagan, Robert W.
The Voluntary Spirit of Tocqueville's America 18
Winthrop, Delba
The Talkies / Archdiocesan Blues 21
Podhoretz, John
The Public Policy / The Argot of the Washington Swindle 22
Tortora, Anthony
Presswatch / Supply-Side and Other Scarcities 24
Barnes, Fred
Among the Intellectualoids / The Nation's Flapjaw 26
Peterson, John S.
Special Correspondence 29
The Second Stage 30
Lectures on Russian Literature 32
Nicol, Charles
How to Win Arguments & How to Stand Up For Your Rights-and Win 34
Ross, Mitchell S.
A Treatise on the Family 34
Stein, Kenneth
W.H. Auden: A Biography 36
Teachout, Terry
A Life in Two Centuries 38
Beichman, Arnold
Spectator's Journal / This New Nation of Immigrants 39
Wattenberg, Ben J.
Current Wisdom 46
Jackasses, Assorted

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