Vol. 13 • September 1980 • No. 9

European Document/Who Shall Judge Israel? 2
Welch, Colin
Editorial/War Games 4
Tyrrell, R.Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Scuttled Masses 5
Bethell, Tom
Jimmy's Favorite Terrorist 7
Shattan, Joseph
Rescuing Missions 10
Rostow, Eugene V.
Cambodia and the Prince 12
Gershman, Carl
Beings of Good Cheer 16
Sisk, John P.
The Corporation's Song 21
Berns, Walter
Dream Tickets 25
Nollson, John
Presswatch/KeepingDisinformed 26
Ledeen, Michael
The Talkies/Popular Cults 27
Podhoretz, John
The Public Policy/Nothing for Everyone 29
Howe, Neil
The Present Danger 32
Hook, Sidney
Democracy and Distrust 33
Belz, Herman
Kolyma Tales 35
Miller, Stephen
Saltbound 37
Ross, Mitchell S.
Current Wisdom 38

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