Vol. 13 • December 1980 • No. 12

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / Bibo Ergo Sum 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / The Passing of the Buck 5
Bethell, Tom
The Entrepreneurial Future 7
Gilder, George
Solzhenitsyn Reconsidered I 12
Muggeridge, Malcolm
Solzhenitsyn Reconsidered II 14
Winthrop, Delba
The Reagan Budget 17
O'Lessker, Karl
Chrysler's Nuclear Showroom 21
Nollson, John
Books for Christmas 22
Rustin, Bayard
European Document / The Paris Synagogue Bombing 27
Aron, Raymond
Presswatch / Billy Lie 30
Ledeen, Michael
The Talkies / Mazursky Trio 32
Podhoretz, John
Public Policy / The Bromide of Campaign '80? 33
Abrams, Elliott
Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith 34
Dannhauser, Werner J.
Kingdoms of the Blind 35
O'Rourke, Terry
Correspondence ofF. Scott Fitzgerald 38
Nolte, William H.
Arabia, the Gulf and the West 39
Kelly, J. B.
Current Wisdom 42
Index for Volume 13 43

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