Vol. 12 • August 1979 • No. 8

Spectator's Journal 2
The Public Policy/Buddy, Can You Spare a Grant? 4
Baldwin, Fred D.
Capitol Ideas/Statutory Race/Free-lance Fortunes/Welfare Eunuchs 5
Bethell, Tom
Three Days in London 7
Lukacs, John
Matters of Faith and Fiction 14
Miller, Stephen
Holy California: Cocoons for What? 18
Viereck, Peter
The New School Tie 21
Seabury, Paul
A Nation of Irvings 24
Nollso, John
The Talkies/Breaking Away 25
Bayles, Martha
Eminentoes/Who Killed Mark Lane? 26
Mysak, Joe
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt 31
Morris, Edmund
Anyone's Daughter 32
Alexander, Shana
The Penguin Book of Women Poets 33
Cosman, Carol & Keefe, Joan & Weaver, Kathleen
The American Presidency 34
Pious, Richard M.
Confessions of a Conservative 36
Wills, Garry
Correspondence 38
Current Wisdom 40
Jackasses, Assorted

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