Vol. 12 • December 1979 • No. 12

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / The Great J ailer of the Caribbean 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / Priests and Cannibals 5
Bethell, Tom
Among the Intellectualoids / The Maharishi Effect 6
O'Sullivan, John
Andy's Martyrdom: The Sadness and the Junkets 7
Shattan, Joseph
Iran: The Awful Truth 12
Lenczowski, George
The Seven Lessons of SALT 15
Adelman, Kenneth L.
Right from the Start 17
Nollson, John
Books for Christmas 18
Glazer, Nathan & Broder, David S. & Manchester, William & Morris, Edmund & Lynn, Kenneth S. & Bennett, William J. & Gershman, Carl & Nixon, Richard M. & Gilder, George
The Talkies / The Rose and Luna 21
Neubauer, William
For Capital Punishment: Crime and the Morality of the Death Penalty 24
Berns, Walter
Pat: A Biography of Daniel Patrick Moynihan 26
Schoen, Douglas
Notes from the Other Side of Night 27
Pilon, Juliana Geran
The Environmental Protection Hustle 30
Frieden, Bernard J.
Index for Volume 12 33
Current Wisdom 36
Jackasses, Assorted
Correspondence 37

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