Vol. 11 • January 1978 • No. 3

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / Worst Book of the Year 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Pornography, Censorship, and the Cult of the Wild West 5
Sisk, John P.
He Seen His Opportunity and He Took Us 8
Terzian, Philip
Paid Parenthood: Cui Bono? (Special Book Review) 10
Homer, Constance
Amazon Journal: A Tourist's Odyssey 12
Grubbs, Kenneth E. Jr.
Education for a Different Whom 14
Norton, Mary C.
An Open Letter to Zbigniew Brzezinski 16
Beichman, Arnold
Capitol Ideas 17
Bethell, Tom
Under the Condor-A Story 19
Stillman, Whit
The Public Policy / Defending Consumers Against Regulation 24
DeMuth, Christopher C.
The Nation's Pulse / Blood and Gore: TV and the Law 26
Rusthoven, Peter J.
The Talkies / Roseland and Short Eyes 28
Everitt, David
Interim Report 29
Nollson, John
The Scientific Credibility of Freud's Theories and Therapy 30
Adelson, Joseph
Loose Change, by Sara Davidson 33
Decter, Naomi
They Call It Justice, by Luther C. West 34
Bishop, Joseph W. Jr.
Theory and Processes ofHistory, by Frederick J. Teggart 36
Nisbet, Robert
Current Wisdom 38
Jackasses, Assorted

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