Vol. 11 • October 1978 • No. 10

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / Henry Kissinger: Metternich Flummoxed 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Nixon Memoirs: Some Points the Others Missed 5
Worsthorne, Peregrine
Carter's Foreign Policy-A New World for the Russians 8
Luce, Clare Boothe
The Bitter Truth of Gossip 10
Sisk, John P.
Men Without Women 14
Novak, Michael
Family Planning Made Tasteful 17
Goodman, Walter
Liberal Terror 19
Manor, F. S.
The Public Policy / Controlling Rents, Razing Cities 21
Starr, Roger
The Nation's Pulse / Reporters in the Stammer 25
Rusthoven, Peter J
Capitol Ideas / Dope in the White House 26
Bethell, Tom
Taxes: A Historical Perspective 28
Nollson, John
The Talkies / Woody Allen's Interiors 29
Yagoda, Ben
Samuel Johnson, by W. Jackson Bate 30
Booker, Christopher
Government By Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment, by Raoul Berger 32
Kanner, Stephen B.
A Time for Truth, by William B. Simon 34
Force, J. Clayburn La
Correspondence 36
Current Wisdom 41
Jackasses, Assorted

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