Vol. 10 • June 1977 • No. 9

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / Harvard's Tallest Tale 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
A Note on Eurocommunism 5
Revel, Jean-Fraçois
Leviathan Unbound 9
Hyneman, Charles S.
Conjuring Up Spirits 11
Miller, Stephen
Inanities: The Plays of Tom Stoppard 15
Asahina, Robert
Marxist-Christian Monologue (Special Book Review) 18
Novak, Michael
Eminentoes / François Mitterrand: The Glamor of Tedium 20
Kaplan, Roger
The Commisars' Art 22
Helper, Thomas
The Public Policy / Oil Conservation: Some Historical Reflections 24
Meyerson, Adam
The Game of the Name 26
McGrath, Joseph
Sons and Mothers 27
Nollson, John
The Nation's Pulse / G-Men in the Dock 28
Rusthoven, PeterJ.
The Future That Doesn't Work 30
EmmettTyrrell, R. Jr.
The Face of Battle 32
Keegan, John
On Being a Christian 33
Küng, Hans
Utopia and Revolution 34
Lasky, Melvin
The Affluent Society 36
Galbraith, John Kenneth
Current Wisdom 38
Jackasses, Assorted

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