Vol. 10 • October 1976 • No. 1

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Socialism: An Obituary for an Idea 5
Kristol, Irving
Shine On, Sun Myung Moon 8
Duggan, Joseph P.
An Open Letter to Spiro Agnew-Wherever You Are 11
Gold, Vic
The Business of America is Honest Competition 12
Simon, William E.
The Great American Birthday Party 14
Adams, Laurel Ann & Adams, James Ring
The Great American Saloon Series 16
Coyne, John R. Jr. & O'Lessker, Jr.R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Karl
Bigotry in the Press: The Example of Newsweek 19
Hitchcock, James
Thwarting Terrorism 22
Conquest, Robert
The Unseen Revolution 24
Meyerson, Adam
Me and Ralph 26
Bethell, Tom
The Last European tVar 28
Kesler, Charles R.
The Nation's Pulse 30
Rusthoven, PeterJ.
The Chronicles of Bustos Domecq 32
Crawford, Alan
Among the Intellectualoids 34
Somers, Paul P. Jr.
In Our Time 35
Gavin, William F.
A Voice from the Chorus 36
Pilon, Juliana G.
Correspondence 38
Wisdom 40
Jackasses, Assorted
Index for Volume Nine, 1975-76 41

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