Vol. 9 • March 1977 • No. 1

Annual Political Book Award 4
From World War II to Clay Felker: How America Bought Its Way to Happiness 5
Lemann, Nicholas
There's Poetry in Spyingy and Spying in Poetry 13
Brower, Brock
Blind Ambition in the White House 16
Peters, Charles
The Political Puzzle 25
Barclay, John
How the Defense Department Can Save Billions Without Worrying About National Security 26
Rushford, Gregory G.
Tidbits and Outrages 31
The Better, Cheaper Plane the Pentagon Didn't Want 32
Hopkins, George E.
What the Times and Post Are Missing 45
Kotz, Nick
The Million-Dollar Advantage of Incumbency 50
Perdue, Lewis
Memo of the Month 53
Big Government: A Congressman's Best Friend 55
Fiorina, Morris P.
Political Book Notes 62

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