Vol. 8 • July 1976 • No. 5

Delivering the Mail: We Did It Once and We Can Do It Again 6
Dickson, Paul
Anybody But roder: Our Stop-t he-Columnists Movement 12
Bethell, Tom
Why the Bright New Congressmen Couldn't eliver on Tax Reform 25
Balz, Daniel J.
the political puzzle 29
Barclay, John
The Triumph and the Trivia: Inside the Carter Headquarters in Pennsylvania 31
Shapiro, Walter
Tidbits and Outrages 40
Making Enemies:The Pike Committee's Struggle to Get the Facts 42
Rushford, Gregory G.
Memo of the Month 53
The Myth of Corporate Democracy 54
Seligman, by Ralph Nader, Mark Green and Joel
political booknotes 62

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