Vol. 8 • February 1977 • No. 12

Conferences and Conventions: The $20-Billion Industry That Keeps America From Working 4
Kaufman, Walter Shapiro and Aleta
Why Jimmy Carter Doesn't Hire Jimmy Carters 12
Peters, Charles
The White House Press: Let AP Cover the Assassinations 16
Osborne, Tudi
Memo of the Month 23
Tidbits and Outrages 25
What We're About 26
What Did You Do in the Class War, Daddy? 29
Fallows, James
The Political Puzzle 37
Barclay, John
What Politicians Really Want 38
Shapiro, Walter
Down and Out On Capitol Hill 42
Levine, Arthur
Taste, Class, and Mary Tyler Moore 49
Lessard, Suzannah
Mary McCarthy-The Blinders She Wears 55
Fallows, James
Political Book Notes 64

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