Vol. 8 • March 1976 • No. 1

Wall Streeet: The Entrepreneur's Worst Friend 3
Redburn, Thomas
Memo of the Month 7
Firemen First or How to Beat a Budget Cut 8
Peters, Charles
The Texas Airline War 12
Hopkins, George
Tidbits and Outrages 20
Annual Political Book Award 1975 22
Wildly Out of Control 24
Shapiro, Walter
Waco, Wilt and the AMA 27
Fallows, James
Earl Warren: On the Mob's Payroll 35
Bethell, Tom
The Political Puzzle 47
Barclay, John
Intimidation and Power: Games Losers Play 48
lgnatius, David
Putting the Sex Back Into Rape 56
Branch, Taylor
Political Book Notes 63

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