Vol. 3 • February 1972 • No. 12

Letters 4
Revenue Sharing With the Rich and the Crooked 8
Rothchild, John
West Virginia: The Governor Tooketh 13
Walton, Mary
The Political Puzzle 24
Barclay, by John
Maryland: The Governor Raiseth 25
Edsall, Thomas B.
Memo of the Month 36
POLITICAL NUMBERS: New Jersey The Political Close Their Eyes 37
Rappeport, Michael
Working Up to Killing 39
Fallaci, Oriana
Tidbits and Outrages 47
Rehnquist, Powell, and the Cult of the Pro 48
Lessard, Suzannah
An Irresistible General, An Immovable justice 57
Lowi, Theodore J.

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