Vol. 30 • March 1998 • No. 3

Letters 2
Tilting at Windmills 4
Peters, Charles
A Brief History of Management Consultants 8
Easterbrook, Gregg
Tidbits & Outrages 13
The Real Lesson of the Asian Meltdown 14
Cottle, Michelle
The Man Behind Prop 209 20
Freedberg, Louis
Memo of the Month 23
After the Abortion 24
Dube, Jonathan
Beyond Racial Preferences 28
Monthly Journalism Award 32
The Year the GOP Went South 34
Branch, Taylor
Who's Who 36
Threadgill, Susan
Government vs. The Market 39
Krugman, Paul
Middle America's Dirty Little Secret 41
Glastris, Paul
The Washington's Monthly Annual Political Book Award 43
Political Booknotes 44
Korb, Howard La Franchi,Clifford Doerksen,Matthew Dallek,Richard Norton Smith,Juan Williams,Lawrence

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