Vol. 29 • June 1997 • No. 6

Letters 2
Peters, Charles
Breaking the Rules 8
Aizenman, Nurith C.
Memo of the Month 14
When It Comes to Day care, You Can't Trust the Media 15
Eisenberg, Sherri
Expensive Tastes 16
Piore, Adam
Mr. Smooth Comes to Washington 20
Cottle, Michelle
Who's Who 26
Threadgill, Susan
Carrots Over Sticks 28
Volokh, Alexander
History 101 for Gen Xers 32
Chinni, Dante
A Win-Win Situation 34
McCarthy, Colman
Tidbits & Outrages 37
Local News: The Biggest Scandal on TV 38
Stark, Steven D.
Noriega Tells All-Almost 43
Pastor, Robert A.
The Wasteland 46
Schrader, Esther
Smart Sex 49
Shuger, Scott
Monthly Journalism Award 51
Political Booknotes 52
Mayo, Sandra McElwaine,Jon Meacham,Murray Polner,Chalmers Roberts,Greig M. O'Brien,Michael K.

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