Vol. 29 • March 1997 • No. 3

Letters 2
Peters, Charles
The DOE's Dirty Laundry 8
Walsh, Simon
Memo of the Month 11
It's Not As Bad As You Think It Is 12
Lemann, Nicholas
The Right to Default 14
Cottle, Michael
Tidbits & Outrages 19
How C-Span is Getting Screwed 20
Lamb, Brian
The Myth of the Two-Front war 23
Korb, Lawrence J.
Who's Who 26
Threadgill, Susan
Will Charlie Keating Ride Again? 28
Davis, L.J.
Monthly Journalism Award 32
Take Two Prozac and Don't Call Me in the Morning 36
Shem, Samuel
Do We All Have to Get Along 44
Slack, Charles
Oxy Moron 46
Ybarra, Michael
Technology vs. Training 49
Evans, David
Is Microsoft a city on a Hill? 51
Lohr, Steve
Political Booknotes 54
McCarthy, Dante Ramos,John Marks,Tom Wicker,Barbara Boyle Torrey,Colman

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