Vol. 29 • November 1997 • No. 11

Letters 2
Peters, Charles
Tidbits & Outrages 9
One Man's Activist 10
Schwartz, Herman
There is Hope After O.J. 14
Aizenman, Nurith C.
You've come a Long Way, Maybe 20
Cottle, Michelle
From the Eye of the Storm 25
Sorensen, Theodore C.
Apocalypse Ahead 30
Leifer, John
Who's Who 32
Threadgill, Susan
Monthly Journalism Award 35
The Double-Edged Helix 36
Townsend, Kathleen Kennedy
Those Were the Days 38
Karnow, Stanley
Kooks Around the Corner 42
Buckley, Christopher
Prodigal Son 45
Lyons, Gene
Friedan Goes Fuzzy 49
Williams, Marjorie
Memo of the Month 51
Political Booknotes 52
Swope, Matthew Cooper,Judith Havemann,Michael Lind,Matthew Miller,Joseph A. Page,John L. Parker Jr.

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